RxNT Tech Center Enhances Learning Opportunities

February 10th, 2016

By: Alanna Diffendal

In mid Novemeber, RxNT’s President & CEO Randy Boldyga along with his wife, Claudia, generously donated to the Severn School to enhance the student’s learning opportunity. With the RxNT Tech Center, students have the resources to bring their imaginations to life.

Recently, a Severn School teacher read an article about 3-D printing famous works of art in order to allow blind people to experience them. Wanting to utilize their resources, she came up with a great idea. Her sculpting class was given the objective to create 3-D images of famous paintings to teach them how 3-D printing worked. After specific lessons, the students were able to use the technology that RxNT had donated to the RxNT Tech Center, to create these 3-D works of art.

One student described their experience, “[t]he thing I valued the most from this experience was being able to craft and create a painting using 3-D technology. It helped me develop a better understanding of the technology of our time…” The RxNT Tech Center allows these students to achieve and create projects that they would never have had the opportunity to do otherwise.


Severn School students recreate famous works of art in the RxNT Tech Center

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