Medication Adherence within RxNT

October 6th, 2017



How many times has a patient entered your office and told you they have forgotten to pick up their prescription, for well, a while? Or perhaps in some instances, have made the decision that they no longer want to take the prescription and have completely stopped taking it. Medication adherence isn’t limited to a patient discontinuing a medication, but also if the patient does not take the correct dosage and follow a specific laid-out treatment plan. These scenarios affect your decision as a physician to help determine which medications are critical for your patient and how to help prevent any adverse effects from medication misuse.

To help avoid issues with Medication Adherence, RxNT|EHR incorporates Medication Management for Adherence (MMAtechnology by Surescripts, directly within our solution. Physicians are able to see communications with the patient’s PBM regarding medication adherence, whether it be dosage or frequency of prescription pickup. Physicians don’t have to rely solely on the patient to relay information and can be up to speed before the patient even steps into their office.

Adding MMA into your daily routine significantly:

  • Improves patient’s medication adherence
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Reduces costs for patient and physician
  • Improves physician intelligence without relying on patient information

RxNT|EHR is designed to help improve patient care without having to worry about a tricky electronic solution. To learn more about MMA and how adding it with RxNT|EHR can dramatically improve your practice, call us at 800-943-7968 Option 3, email us at, or click on the “Learn More” button below.

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