Improving Weekend Outcomes Through EHR Use

April 6th, 2017
By: Maxfield Rodriguez

“The weekend effect” is a nickname for weekend surgery that leads to longer patient stays and higher mortality rates can be quelled through the utilization of EHR systems. According to a Loyola Medicine study, published in JAMA Surgery, patients within hospitals or surgical centers with electronic scheduling and EHR, were 33% less likely to experience the weekend effect. This positive outcome can be attributed to hospitals or surgical centers with real-time connectivity between the scheduler and EHR, EHRs in the operating room, and computerized physician ordering systems.

Finding an EHR that can help reduce “the weekend effect” is more affordable than you think, especially one that offers all the right tools. To help prevent “the weekend effect,” RxNT’s Electronic Health Record solution offers:

A Comprehensive Scheduling Solution (RxNT|Scheduler) that is equipped with real-time insurance eligibility checking, quick view face sheets, check-in/check-out updates to both front office and back office staff. This creates efficiency by moving patients in and out of surgeries more quickly.

EHR for back office Use (RxNT|EHR) offers a flexible, cloud-based solution that allows nurses and providers to utilize the EHR on any computer, laptop, or tablet. This provides mobility when treating patients. Also, RxNT offers fully customizable templates for each specialty.

Computerized Physician Ordering Systems are built into RxNT’s EHR with capabilities RxNT|eRx (e-Prescriber), which includes controlled substances (EPCS). Lab and radiology ordering can be performed right from the patient’s chart, and the results will populate within the EHR. If the patient requires outside treatment, eReferrals can be generated and sent on demand.

If you’re looking for an EHR solution that is fully equipped to help minimize negative patient outcomes, checkout RxNT|EHR and RxNT|Scheduler. Contact us at 800-943-7968 option 3, email us at, or click here to request an online demonstration!

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